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PHOTOS: Blackpool’s Youth Night: Build Your Kingdom Here

Thousands packed into the Blackpool Winter Gardens to hear Franklin Graham share a message of hope. Saturday night, the second of three in the Festival, was Youth Night. We praise God that many found peace with God that night. As you view the photos below, thank God for the many young people entering into a …

Opposition Unites Believers Preparing for Lancashire Festival of Hope

In July, Blackpool Transport removed advertisements about the Festival from its buses after several customers negatively responded on social media. In a statement about the decision, the transportation company emphasized its support of the LGBT community and expressed its desire to avoid any “distress” caused by the advertisements.

Despite the potential for great tension between activists and the church, preparations for the Festival have proceeded without other obstacles. In fact, any opposition has only fueled the local church’s passion for sharing the Gospel in the seaside town.

Franklin Graham: Pray for Boldness Amid Opposition in Blackpool

Dear Friend, Blackpool, a city in Lancashire on England’s northwest coast, desperately needs a message of hope. But some in Blackpool are determined to prevent that. For a large portion of the city’s population today, hopelessness is part of everyday life. A number of churches in Blackpool and the surrounding Lancashire area have been praying for …

Franklin Graham: Salt and Light on the West Coast

I recently returned from preaching the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in 10 strategic California cities, calling on God’s people to fervently pray for their state and our troubled nation during our Decision America California Tour.

In every city, thousands of people filled parks and outdoor venues in the evening to take up the challenge of interceding for the Golden State, where progressive state and city governments have openly targeted churches and Christians through restrictive legislation hostile to Biblical values.

One Year Later: A New Normal for Shark Attack Victim

“Jesus.” That’s the first thing that came out of Tiffany Johnson’s mouth after a shark attacked her in the pristine waters of the Bahamas. Tiffany has a remarkable testimony of faith and trust in the Lord in the midst of everything she has gone through this past year. Just last summer, she and her husband, JJ, decided …

Keeping the Faith in Uni: Advice for Students

A-Level graduation… check. Freshers orientation … check.

It’s time for Uni—your biggest adventure yet. But have you thought about the spiritual challenges you might face?

Even when you’re smart enough to avoid risky situations, Christian students often have their faith tested during university in ways they haven’t considered.

After Near Death by Fire, Greeks Seek Comfort

  “I thought I was going to die.” Crisis-trained chaplains Phil and Pam Rhodes have heard those words over and over again after arriving in Mati, Greece, a resort town that was recently ravaged by a massive wildfire. Many residents are still in shock after narrowly escaping the blaze. “A whirlwind of events happened in 45 …

Charlie Duke’s Meaningful Walk

At that point in his life, Duke thought nothing would top it.

He was wrong. Three years later, he became the 10th — and youngest person ever — to walk on the moon.

Still, he was wrong. The best was yet to come.

Grenfell Tragedy – One Year On

Rapid Response Team Chaplains invited back to Grenfell   Jackie Blanchflower, Church Leader for Latymer Community Church, recently invited the RRT Chaplains back to West London to a planned one-year anniversary event following the tragedy. During the period 14-16 June, the RRT chaplains once again came alongside, talked and prayed with a number of people …

Grenfell Tragedy: Our most challenging UK deployment

On June 14th, 2017, a fire tore through 24-storey Grenfell Tower. The building, containing 120 flats, burned for close to 24 hours as dozens of fire engines and hundreds of firefighters attempted to control the blaze. The nation looked on in horror as the residents tried to escape. Despite the brave efforts of the firefighters …

PHOTOS: Celebration Brings New Beginning for Scots

Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday (June 15th – 17th), Will Graham preached the Gospel at the Central Scotland Celebration of Hope. Thousands came and hundreds found salvation. Share in our joy with these pictures below. Click HERE to read Will Graham’s message to Scotland Want to read Billy’s daily devotions every day? Download the BGEA …

Billy Graham on Fatherhood – 10 quotes

“Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.” —1 Corinthians 16:13-14, ESV Billy Graham was known to the world as “God’s Ambassador” and “Pastor to Presidents,” but to his five children, he was just “Daddy.” Below are 10 of his quotes about …