Leaving a Legacy: Investing with Eternity in Mind

Your legacy gifts can help spread the Gospel for generations to come

God’s Word tells us that “it is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35, ESV)—and it is truly a blessing to be part of reaching others with the life-changing message of salvation in Jesus Christ. By leaving a legacy to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, you can ensure that you’ll be supporting evangelistic ministry, even after the Lord calls you home.

To help you with the process of planning your will, we’ve established a partnership with the National Free Wills Network. This free service puts you in touch with a professional solicitor whose advice will help you be a good steward of everything God has given you—all at no charge to you. To find out more, please contact us today.

Email: legacy@bgea.org.uk
Phone: 020 8559 0342

If you would like to request a FREE Legacy Brochure, please feel free to drop us an email or give us a call using the details above.

Alternatively, you can simply download our Codicil Form to fill in at home:

Download Codicil Form

At BGEA, we believe each soul matters deeply and every life is profoundly significant. Since 1950, we have helped people find direction, purpose, and lasting hope through Jesus Christ—not only for this life, but for eternity. Your partnership through prayer and financial support is greatly appreciated. Every gift helps to further the Gospel. Thank you for making an investment with eternity in mind.

“The Christian, above all others, should realise that we come into life with empty hands—and it is with empty hands that we leave it. … It is God who owns everything, and we are but stewards of His property during the brief time we are on earth.”
— Billy Graham


Read Billy Graham’s Will

In the first article of Billy Graham’s will, he wrote, “When you read this, I will be safely with Jesus in Paradise. I will be awaiting reunion of our family in Heaven.” He also encouraged “all who read this document to read and study the Scriptures daily and to trust only in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation.” You too can point your loved ones to the hope of the Gospel by including your testimony in your will. You can find help tips on how to do this in our Testimony Worksheet below.

Click here to read the testimony Billy Graham wrote in his will.

Spiritual Resources

Leaving a lasting legacy involves many areas of your life, not just financial giving. Explore these resources as you intentionally and prayerfully take steps that will establish a rich spiritual legacy that may touch generations to come.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is it easy to leave a gift in your will?

    Absolutely! These three simple steps will get you started as you consider making, or amending, your will:

    1. Think about what you have—your estate and assets—and who you’d like to name as your executor.
    2. Choose who you will remember in your will, including family, friends, and the causes you care about, such as BGEA.
    3. Decide who will write your will. We strongly suggest using a solicitor to make sure everything is legal and valid.
  • Why should I make a will?

    Having a valid will in place is important for you because otherwise your money, property, and possessions might not be allocated as you would choose. A homemade will can be problematic if the correct legal formalities are not carried out or if the details are unclear. We suggest you contact a solicitor.

  • What type of gift can you include in your will?

    If you have a share of an estate, you can leave the remainder of your estate, or a percentage of it, once family and friends have been provided for. This is the type of gift many supporters choose to make, because it has the added benefit of keeping its value over time—it isn’t affected by inflation. For cash (pecuniary) gifts, you can specify a particular amount of money.

  • Is a gift to BGEA in my will subject to inheritance tax?

    We are a UK charity (registered charity number 233381), so the gifts that people generously leave us in their wills are exempt from inheritance tax and may also be exempt from capital gains tax.

  • I’ve already made a will but would like to add a gift for BGEA. Is that possible?

    If you would like to leave a cash (pecuniary) legacy to us but have already made a will, you don’t have to re-write your will. Instead you can add a codicil, which is a legal document amending the terms of your will. If you wish to leave a share of your estate to us, it is best to re-write your will. Please speak to a solicitor, and he or she will be able to advise you.

  • Should I tell you that I’ve included BGEA in my will?

    You don’t have to tell us anything. But we do love to hear what has inspired you to include us in your will.

  • Can I direct how my legacy is used by BGEA?

    If you wish your gift to go to a specific ministry area that’s especially important to you, we will be pleased to honour that request whenever possible—and we also appreciate gifts that can be used wherever they are most urgently needed.

  • How do the executors/administrators pay the legacy?

    When the executor is in a position to pay your legacy, we’d be grateful if they could send a cheque to: BGEA, Richardson Way, Crosspoint Business Park, Coventry, CV2 2TA, with paperwork identifying what type of gift has been left to the charity.

    If BGEA has been left a share of an estate, the value of the gift depends upon the estate value when the assets are sold and what liabilities, and other gifts, are paid. In order to know how BGEA’s part of the estate has been calculated, we need a copy of the will and a copy of estate accounts. We need this information to comply with charity law and the requirements of our auditors.

  • Can I use a deed of variation?

    A deed of variation can be used by a beneficiary to redirect their inheritance to a charity such as BGEA, and because UK charities are exempt from inheritance tax, this can reduce the overall inheritance tax due on the estate.