PHOTOS: Celebration Brings New Beginning for Scots

Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday (June 15th – 17th), Will Graham preached the Gospel at the Central Scotland Celebration of Hope.

Thousands came and hundreds found salvation.

Share in our joy with these pictures below.

On Sunday night, ‘Kilt Night’, Will Graham shared the love of Jesus with more than 4,000 at the Central Scotland Celebration of Hope in Falkirk Stadium.
Many families chose to celebrate Father’s Day at the Celebration. Will Graham, a father of three, shared how our Heavenly Father loves us so much that He sent His Son to die for our sins.
After hundreds came forward to make a decision for Christ while Aaron Shust sang “Just As I Am,” the crowd cheered and whistled. A prayer team volunteer named Lilian remembers watching many take the same steps 63 years ago at Billy Graham’s Glasgow Crusade, which she says was a huge boost to churches
When the Newsboys finished their set, they threw drumsticks into the crowd. Several lunged toward the sailing sticks. A tall 15-year-old who attended every night of the Celebration was ecstatic to catch one!
Encouraging everyone to wear their kilts, Will Graham declared Sunday “Kilt Night” at the Central Scotland Celebration of Hope. Originating back in the 16th century, Kilts were traditionally worn by Highlanders in the north and are the national dress of Scotland.
The atmosphere transformed from a football stadium to a place of worship as Aaron Shust led praises to the Lord, including “Bless the Lord O My Soul.”
Will Graham introduced the crowd to his beautiful wife, Kendra. The couple celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary last Wednesday in Scotland. As Will took the stage to simultaneously wear a kilt and preach for the first time, he commented how he was trying to hide his legs with the “wee little podium” but admitted his mother always told him he had the prettiest legs in the world.
“Did you know you were handmade by God?” Will asked those in Falkirk Stadium.
Sharing from Luke 23 on the cross of Christ, Will Graham asked the crowd, “How does an imperfect person get to a perfect place?” He answered, “The Man who knew no sin became sin for us.”
Sharing a hug after a girl chooses to follow Christ.
“Jesus is King,” Will said Sunday evening. Earlier in the week, he visited Stirling Castle, where many of Scotland’s past kings and queens were crowned.
A few raindrops didn’t stop the crowd from leaving their covered seats to start the evening with praise to God.
Scots celebrated “God’s Not Dead” with the Newsboys, just as Will Graham had earlier shared about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
“All the nations You have made shall come before You, O Lord, and shall glorify Your name.” —Psalm 86:9
Like the wind whipping through flags, the effects of the Holy Spirit were present Sunday night.
An interpreter shares Will Graham’s words with the deaf. During the altar call, Will said, “[God’s] not here to put a Band-Aid on our broken pieces, He’s here to give us a whole new life.” He continued, “There are no Band-Aids here, only new beginnings. Christ will give you that tonight if you’re willing to come.”
Those in the front went wild as Michael Tait from the Newsboys leaned over the gate to hug and high five several in the crowd.

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