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Why Were Some People So Opposed to Jesus?

“Why were some people so opposed to Jesus? I would’ve thought everyone would have welcomed Him, instead of plotting against Him and eventually condemning Him to death. What they did just doesn’t make sense. ”

The Only Path to True Happiness

“Doesn’t God want us to be happy instead of miserable? If so, even if we do something God doesn’t exactly approve of, won’t He overlook it as long as it makes us happy?”

Adultery Brings Devastating Consequences

“My friend has gotten entangled with a married woman he met in a bar, and sooner or later it’s going to wreck both their marriages. I’ve tried to warn him, but he just laughs and tells me not to worry. Why won’t he wake up and see where he’s headed?”

Do Not Approach Your Faith Casually

“My sister used to be very active in her church, but now she’s dropped out and says she wants to spend her weekends doing other things. I admit, she doesn’t seem to miss church, but what can I do to encourage her to reconnect?”

Make Christ the Foundation of Your Marriage

“I was talking with someone the other day who is getting married in a few months, and I was shocked when she said she didn’t expect it to last. After all, she said, most couples get bored with each other after a few years, and it’s okay to move on. Is this a common attitude today? ”

Turn Your Fears Over to God

“I have a friend who worries all the time about her health. If even the smallest thing goes wrong, she’s convinced it must be something serious and she runs to her doctor. I’ve urged her not to worry so much, but it doesn’t do any good. How can I help her?”

Heaven Is Better Than You Think

“Do you ever try to imagine what Heaven must be like? I do. Do you think it will have buildings and trees and things like that, or will it be completely different from anything we know? I wonder about this.”

Discourage Advances of Married People

“My boss makes me very uncomfortable, because he keeps trying to get close to me. Now he’s saying he’s unhappy in his marriage and thinks we’re meant for each other. I don’t like where this is headed. I need the job, but what should I do?”

Trust in Jesus to Find Peace in Death

“My aunt died recently, and I guess you’d say she was a woman of strong faith, because she really believed she was going to Heaven when she died. But how could she be so sure? Maybe she was just deceiving herself.”

To Forgive Others Who Hurt You Is Christlike

“I don’t believe in forgiving people who have hurt us. If anything, we ought to pray that God will punish them for what they’ve done. Forgiving someone who’s hurt you doesn’t do any good, in my opinion.”

Don't Try to Control Your Adult Children

“We told our daughter we didn’t approve of her fiancé, but she wouldn’t listen to us. So far they seem to be getting along OK, but we still think she could have done better. How should we handle this?”