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The Bible Is as True as It Was When It Was Written

“I’m not sure the Bible is of much use today. For example, we don’t practice idolatry, and yet the Old Testament talks a lot about idolatry and things like that. Maybe the Bible needs to be updated.”

Monitor Your Child's Internet Habits, as Well as Your Own

“We’re concerned because we found our son (who’s 14) accessing a porn site on the Internet the other day. We gave him a strong lecture and I don’t think he’ll do it again, but why do they allow such things on the Internet? We were shocked.”

God Cares About Each Nation and Individual

“Does God ever give up on a nation that turns against Him and deliberately does things that are morally wrong? Frankly, I worry about our nation. Have we reached the point of no return?”

All Marriages Need God's Help

“I guess my husband and I had been drifting apart for several years, but now he’s announced he’s found someone else and has filed for divorce. It’s too late now, but what went wrong? How can I prevent it happening again if I remarry?”

What Does God Look Like?

“Whenever I think of God, I picture Him kind of like my great-grandfather (whom I never knew)—old, gentle, with a white beard and a twinkle in his eyes. I know God probably isn’t like this, but what does He look like?”

Don't Become Numb to Sin

“I know I’m supposed to feel guilty when I sin, but I can’t say that I really do. I guess that’s why I’ve never felt any particular need for God. Why should I worry about this? ”

Church Leaders Need Our Prayers

“Our church just started a big campaign to raise money to renovate our building and add some new youth facilities. But I’m not sure we ought to be doing this, and I don’t want to support it. I like our church the way it is”

Turn to Christ Before It's Too Late

“A few years ago I had a bad health scare (a heart attack), and I told God I’d do anything He wanted me to do, if He’d only spare my life. Well, I guess He did, but I admit I haven’t kept my end of the bargain. Is God going to punish me for this?”

What's More Important: God or Money?

“I think the only thing churches and other religious organizations are interested in is my money. I get tired of organizations begging for money all the time. At the end of the year my mailbox was stuffed with appeals for money.”