Can you be a Christian and still experience doubt?

“Can you be a real Christian and still have doubts from time to time? Sometimes my faith is very strong, but then I’ll begin to wonder if I’m just fooling myself, and my doubts begin to take over.”

Why should I believe that the Bible is true?

“How did the writers of the Bible know about things that were going to happen hundreds or even thousands of years later? I admit I have a hard time thinking the Bible has much use to us today.”

How can we prevent divorce?

“My fiancé and I are getting married in a couple of months, and we’re really looking forward to our lives together. But so many of our friends have already been through at least one divorce, and we don’t want that to happen to us. How can we prevent it?”

Struggling with an Eating Disorder

“We’re very concerned about my niece because she’s gotten very thin and eats almost nothing. The reason is, she thinks she’s too fat—which isn’t at all true. How can someone deceive herself so much?”

Are you too busy for God?

“Time moves so fast that there is little chance to rest from one activity before having to prepare for another, with no time for reflection. Is chasing time a normal cycle of life?”

Are You Misunderstanding God’s Will?

“Several months ago I was convinced God wanted me to quit my old job and take a different one, but it hasn’t worked out. In fact, I just got fired from my new one. Where did I go wrong? Or did God change His mind?”

Seek God’s Guidance Through Important Decisions

“I’m facing some important decisions in the next few months, but how can I know what I ought to do? Does God care about things like this, or does He just leave them up to us to sort out on our own?”

When Life Feels Like a Battle

“I’ve always had physical problems that limit my ability to walk or do most of the things that normal people do. As a result I have very few friends, and sometimes I wish I’d never been born. Why did God let this happen to me? Does God hate me?”

Find the right bible translation for you

“I don’t mean to offend you, but I’ve tried to read the Bible and found it kind of dull. And yet some of my friends find it exciting. What’s wrong? Why don’t I get anything out of it?”