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There Are Many Ways to Grow Closer to God

“Why do I feel near to God one day, but then the next day I’ll feel like He doesn’t even exist? I wish my spiritual life wasn’t such a roller coaster. This isn’t the way it’s supposed to be, is it? ”

Open Your Eyes and See the Truth About Jesus

“I grew up in a church-going family, but I’m having some real struggles with doubt. I’m in medical school studying to be a doctor, and I just can’t bring myself to believe that Jesus came back from the dead. Things like that just don’t happen.”

Why Did Pontius Pilate Turn on Jesus?

“I’ve always been puzzled by Pilate, the Roman governor who gave the order for Jesus to be executed. Didn’t he say several times that he thought Jesus was innocent and shouldn’t be put to death? Why then did he allow it?”

The Symbolism of the Cross

“I am a foreign student here, but I do not come from a Christian country. I am curious about your religion. Why do churches have a cross on top of them, and why do some people wear a cross? What does it mean?”

The Story of Judas Is a Warning

“I’ve never really understood why Judas betrayed Jesus. After all, he witnessed Jesus’ miracles and heard His teaching just like the other disciples, and yet he ended up turning against Him. It just doesn’t make sense.”

God can bring good even out of tragedy

“My best friend was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident a few weeks ago, and it’s really hit me hard. I’ve never given any thought to death, but now I can’t avoid it. Frankly, I’m scared, because I know I’m not ready to die. How can I be ready?”

Jesus' Mission on Earth Was Clear

“Wasn’t Jesus actually a failure? After all, at the beginning of His last week on earth He hoped people would make Him into their king, but by the end of the week everyone had turned against Him, and they ended up killing Him.”

Listen to God's Call on Your Life

“I’ve often wondered why you chose religion for a career, instead of going into something like business or politics. You surely could have been successful and made lots of money.”

Don't Listen to Discouragement From Nonbelievers

“My husband and I have a fairly happy marriage, but he has no use for my faith (although he does let me go to church). Sometimes he’ll even make negative comments about me and my faith in front of others, and it always embarrasses me. Any suggestions?”

One Day We Will See Jesus Face to Face

“Do we know what Jesus actually looked like? I’ve seen a lot of paintings that are supposed to be of Jesus (especially pictures of Him on the cross), but I wonder how accurate they really are.”