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Jesus' Mission on Earth Was Clear

“Wasn’t Jesus actually a failure? After all, at the beginning of His last week on earth He hoped people would make Him into their king, but by the end of the week everyone had turned against Him, and they ended up killing Him.”

Listen to God's Call on Your Life

“I’ve often wondered why you chose religion for a career, instead of going into something like business or politics. You surely could have been successful and made lots of money.”

Don't Listen to Discouragement From Nonbelievers

“My husband and I have a fairly happy marriage, but he has no use for my faith (although he does let me go to church). Sometimes he’ll even make negative comments about me and my faith in front of others, and it always embarrasses me. Any suggestions?”

One Day We Will See Jesus Face to Face

“Do we know what Jesus actually looked like? I’ve seen a lot of paintings that are supposed to be of Jesus (especially pictures of Him on the cross), but I wonder how accurate they really are.”

Jesus Asserted His Divinity Through Words and Actions

“My friend thinks Jesus was a very spiritual person who had a close relationship with God. But she says Jesus never claimed to be divine, and that’s just something the disciples dreamed up. Is she right?”

Take Comfort in the Truth of God's Word

“I’ve read my Bible every day for most of my life, but my eyesight is going and I can’t read now. Is God going to be upset with me because I no longer read the Bible? I worry about this.”

Jesus' Death Was Part of God's Plan

“I’ve never understood why Jesus didn’t flee during His last days, instead of deliberately putting Himself in harm’s way. This has always been a mystery to me. Didn’t He know they were going to try to kill Him?”

Why Were Some People So Opposed to Jesus?

“Why were some people so opposed to Jesus? I would’ve thought everyone would have welcomed Him, instead of plotting against Him and eventually condemning Him to death. What they did just doesn’t make sense. ”

The Only Path to True Happiness

“Doesn’t God want us to be happy instead of miserable? If so, even if we do something God doesn’t exactly approve of, won’t He overlook it as long as it makes us happy?”