Are you lonely?

“Do you feel lonely? You aren’t alone. Billy Graham responds to questions from readers at three different phases of life: a college student who feels isolated, an empty-nester and an elderly man who just lost his wife.

Is it wrong to fantasise about being famous in the future?

“I dream a lot about how great it would be to be famous someday, like a movie star or recording artist. I enjoy singing with some of my high school friends, and I think it would be cool to be a celebrity. Is it wrong to think like this?”

What’s Billy Graham’s one message to the youth of today?

“If you could deliver just one message to the youth of our world, what would it be? It seems like they have so many problems that we never faced when we were growing up, and I wish I could help them in some way to get on the right track.”

Did God put us here for a good time?

“Why did God put us here? I know this seems like a simple question, but sometimes I wonder if my life has any purpose to it, or if I’m just here to have a good time. What do you think?”

Should we be worried about today’s youth?

“I worry about our grandchildren, because it seems like they have so many more pressures on them than we did when we were young. But I’m not sure their parents even see it this way. Am I right to be concerned?”

Look to seek and serve God during your retirement years

“For years I looked forward to my retirement, and I did all the right things to prepare for it financially. Well, I’ve been retired about a year now, and to be honest I’m really bored. I guess money isn’t the whole story, is it?”

Should the church get involved with politics?

“It seems churchgoers today are extremely involved in the political system. Should the church concern itself with politics, or should it confine itself to a spiritual ministry only?”

Has God given up on me?

“My grandmother says God never gives up on anyone, but she’s wrong. God gave up on me long ago, and nothing will ever change that. And frankly, I don’t really care.

Maybe the church should re-brand Christianity?

“I am a marketing major studying branding. The Bible study I also attend says that the church needs to rebrand Christianity to make it more acceptable to the culture. Is this Biblical, and if not, how can we counter the trend?