Are you lonely?


Do you feel lonely? You aren't alone. Billy Graham responds to questions from readers at three different phases of life: a college student who feels isolated, an empty-nester and an elderly man who just lost his wife.


I suppose it’s an old story, but I left home and moved to a big city after graduating from college, thinking I’d find happiness and success. My job isn’t bad, but I haven’t made any friends here and I’ve never felt so lonely. Should I just give up and move back?
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Our last child went away to college several months ago, and I can’t believe how hard it’s been adjusting to an empty house. It doesn’t bother my husband as much because he’s busy at work all day, but I feel at loose ends most of the time. Maybe you have some suggestions.
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My wife died almost two years ago, and I think the hardest part has been the loneliness. I’d like to remarry but my children keep dropping hints that they’d have a very hard time with that, so I haven’t done anything. Am I doomed to be lonely the rest of my life?
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Are you lonely? There are many lonely people today. Loneliness is one of the supreme problems of modern society. But when you are with Christ, you have Jesus as your Lord and companion. Loneliness has an inner dimension. It is a thirst of the spirit, and the roots of loneliness are within each of us. Read the article by Billy Graham »