Why it’s important to seek God’s will in your life


My sister and her husband are always praying about decisions they have to make, but I think they just need to use their brains to decide what to do. After all, why did God give us a brain if He didn't expect us to use it?


Praying about decisions we need to make doesn’t mean we stop thinking about them—not at all. In fact, we should be asking God to help us understand our choices more clearly, and to decide which is best. The Bible says, “How much better to get wisdom than gold” (Proverbs 16:16).

What your sister and her husband are actually doing is seeking God’s will as they make decisions—and I commend them for this. After all, we see only part of the picture—but God sees it all. In other words, we may think we have all the facts we need to make a decision, but we don’t—not completely. We also may be swayed by our emotions, or unwise motives, or what others want us to do—and not even be aware of it. Why not seek God’s guidance instead?

But your sister and her husband also know a very important truth: God’s way is always best—and the reason is because He loves us and wants what is best for us. God has not left us to muddle through life on our own! He loves us, and He wants to guide us—and He will, as we turn in faith to Him and seek His will.

Don’t let your pride, or anything else, keep you from seeking God’s will for your life. Instead, face honestly your need for His forgiveness and help, and by faith humbly open your heart and life to Jesus Christ.

Ask Christ into your heart. Pray now.