Speaking to the LGBT Community With Grace and Truth

A note, from Cissie Graham Lynch.  In today’s society, I assume most of us love or know someone who is part of the LGBT community. I believe this is the reason most Christians and pastors don’t want to teach on the subject. The sin has become personal for so many, and the lines of what’s …

Rico Tice: Why Pastors Must Take a Stand

Today, pastors who stand for Biblical truth regarding homosexuality may find themselves facing hard choices about whether or not to remain in positions that could compromise their obedience to God’s Word. Rico Tice, senior minister for evangelism at All Souls, Langham Place, has experienced this challenge

God’s Best

It takes no poll for those of us who have communicated with young people to know the devastation that permissive sexual activity generally causes. It becomes a cancer in the bodies and minds and characters of those who indulge, almost without exception. And there are other victims, such innocent bystanders as parents, grandparents, old family …