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How we share hope in crisis


Welcome to Sharing Hope in Crisis training!

The one-day Sharing Hope in Crisis seminar is intended for Christians like you. We all know a friend, family member, neighbour, or colleague struggling with a life crisis. This seminar is designed to help you know what to say—and what not to say—to someone facing difficulty and to compassionately share the love of Jesus Christ with those who need it most. Sharing Hope in Crisis is especially useful for counsellors, first responders, and church leaders who serve suffering people on a regular basis. For those who are interested in our Covid-19 video resources, you can click on the banner below.

Seminar Outline:

Mission to Respond
Look at Suffering and Trauma
Ministry of Hope
Message to Share
Communication to a Diverse Community
Messenger to Serve
Our work in the UK



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Please watch the video below to understand the seminar.

Becoming a chaplain

Chaplains will normally be expected to complete a Sharing Hope in Crisis seminar prior to appointment.

Critical Incident and Stress Management Training

Further training is available via our CISM (Critical Incident and Stress Management) course. This is normally undertaken by chaplains within two years of appointment. Details of CISM course can be found here

Register for training here

You can register for Sharing Hope in Crisis training or the CISM course here:

Unable to get to any of our seminars?

If you unable to get to any of the venues where we are holding Sharing Hope in Crisis seminars – why not consider our Sharing Hope in Crisis Online Course
Learn how to share God’s love and comfort with those suffering. As an individual or group you’ll be equipped with practical skills such as understanding trauma, being a good listener, and knowing what—or what not—to say to someone who is grieving.