Nearly 90% of young Britons feel that their life lacks meaning and purpose

A worrying new survey has revealed that 89 percent of 16 to 29 year-olds in Britain believe that their life lacks purpose and meaning.

However, this number significantly drops to 55 percent with the older generation (over 60s).

Experts have suggested that a person’s purpose may become clearer to them with age. But younger generations are adopting views where they see life as meaningless and without real purpose.

Across all ages, only two out of 10 people in Britain said that they’ve found purpose and meaning in their lives.

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A generation of youth lost of hope

According to a UK wide study of 1,500 people, a whopping 84 percent of young people in Britain claim that they’re failing to “live their best life”.

The 16-29 year olds also said that anxiety and worry are stopping them from achieving things in life, the study found.

Meanwhile, over a third of the country said that they would ‘re-do’ life if they could.

Almost half (45 percent) believe that the biggest barrier to finding their meaning and purpose is lack of finances.

As a culture that views career and wealth with great importance, it comes to no surprise that 38 percent said that they’d be happier if they spent more time with their families.

This research highlights the number of people in the country searching for their true purpose, says the company that conducted the survey.

When asked, over half of Brits believe that they exist on this earth to become as happy as possible – while a third believe that their purpose is to do as much good as possible.

It’s not too late!

“Through our ministry across the globe, I have watched as countless people were transformed by Jesus Christ in the midst of desperate situations—war zones in the Middle East, famine in Africa, shootings in America and even terrorist attacks in your own backyard. The Lord can also work powerfully across the UK today.

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–Franklin Graham

What can you do?

“For in Him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through Him for Him.” – Colossians 1:16

Pray for the young people in the UK, that their searching hearts may find the true love and hope of the Saviour Jesus Christ. Pray that upon searching for their purpose, that they may find their identity as children of God.

Pray for the boldness of churches, that they faithfully proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all ages, especially the young adults of the country who are in desperate need of Jesus Christ in their lives.

Pray that churches engage in their local communities, and that they reach out even to the most segregated groups of people in their cities. Pray that every local church in the UK spreads the love of Christ within their communities, that all may see the light of Jesus Christ amongst such a dark time.

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