Prayer List

Write down the names of your friends, neighbours, and family who need Jesus Christ and His hope. Start with two or three, and God will bring more to your mind as you pray.

Now that you made your list, put it where you’ll see it. Stick it on the fridge, put it in your wallet, use it as a bookmark in your Bible or tape it on the bathroom mirror. Then commit to pray for each person daily. Below are a few suggestions of how to pray:

  • Pray that you would have more opportunities to grow closer to your colleagues, friends, family and neighbours.
  • Pray that you would be a good example to them through kind words and thoughtful actions.
  • Pray that God will open their hearts and minds to the Gospel.
  • Pray and prepare so that you are ready to share your story of the hope you have found in your relationship with Jesus.


“My heart’s desire and prayer to God … is that they may be saved.”
– Romans 10:1