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Church Leader Events

Let’s Come Together

Do let us know if you or a group of local leaders would be interested in hosting a local Church Leaders event for evangelism. Email

Tuesday, 25 April 2017
7.30 PM– 9.00 PM
St Martin and St Meriadoc Church
Church Street
Camborne, TR14 7DF
Thursday, 11 May 2017
6.30 pm – 9 pm
The Ark of Lord Church
Wolsey House, The Drift, Nacton Road
Ipswich, IP3 9QR

Past Events


Leicester, 10-Sep-14
Bristol, 11-Sep-14
Cardiff, 12-Sep-14
Ware, 18-Sep-14
Haringey, 21-Sep-14
Glasgow, 22-Sep-14
Edinburgh, 23-Sep-14
Bedford, 30-Sep-14
Northampton, 03-Oct-14
Thurrock, 04-Oct-14
Letchworth, 05-Oct-14
Liverpool, 14-Oct-14
Norwich, 16-Oct-14
N London, 17-Oct-14
Aberdeen, 30-Oct-14
Surrey, 30-Oct-14

Spring 2015

Milton Keynes, 22-Jan-15
Blackpool, 23-Feb-15
Manchester, 24-Feb-15
Leeds, 25-Feb-15
Hull, 26-Feb-15
Newcastle, 27-Feb-15
Nottingham, 11-Mar-15
Belfast, 19-Mar-15
Portadown, 19-Mar-15
Iver, Bucks, 24-Mar-15
Bromley, 27-Mar-15
Chelmsford, 28-Apr-15
Cambridge, 30-Apr-15
Ipswich, 05-May-15
Basingstoke, 14-May-15
Isle of Wight, 15-May-15
Portsmouth, 19-May-15
Southampton, 20-May-15

Autumn 2015

Peterhead, 05-Oct-15
Redruth, 06-Oct-15
Plymouth, 07-Oct-15
Barnstaple, 08-Oct-15
Northampton, 16-Oct-15
Bristol, 17-Oct-15
Chester, 22-Oct-15
Shetland Islands, 24-Oct-15
London (am & pm), 27-Oct-15
Belfast, 28-Oct-15
Edinburgh, 28-Oct-15
Aberdeen, 29-Oct-15
Jersey (am & pm), 03-Nov-15
Coventry, 04-Nov-15
Kirkcaldy, Fife, 06-Nov-15
Lincoln, 13-Nov-15


Edinburgh, 01-Jun-16
West Lothian, 02-Jun-16
Bradford, 30-Jun-16
Liverpool, 12-July-16
London, 14-July-16
Wirral, 19-July-16
Colwyn Bay, 7-Oct-16
Isle Of Man, 11-Oct-16
Bridgwater/Somerset, 25-Oct-16
Glasgow, 25
West Lothian, 26-Oct-16
Edinburgh, 27-Oct-16
Shetland, 28-Oct-16
Barry Vale Of Glamorgan, 6-Nov-16
Blackpool, 14-Nov-16
Wolverhampton/West Midlands, 15-Nov-16
Nelson, Lancashire, 22-Nov-16
Cowley/Oxford/Oxfordshire, 22-Nov-16
Stoke, 23-Nov-16
Peterborough, 30-Nov-16
Monmouth, 2-Dec-16


Basingstoke, 17-Jan-2017
Hull, 18-Jan-2017
Poole, 31-Jan-2017
Builth Wells, 18-Feb-2017
Leicester, 21-Feb-2017