Let’s Come Together

Do let us know if you or a group of local leaders would be interested in hosting a local Church Leaders event for evangelism. Email myhope@bgea.org.uk.

Past Events


Leicester, 10-Sep-14
Bristol, 11-Sep-14
Cardiff, 12-Sep-14
Ware, 18-Sep-14
Haringey, 21-Sep-14
Glasgow, 22-Sep-14
Edinburgh, 23-Sep-14
Bedford, 30-Sep-14
Northampton, 03-Oct-14
Thurrock, 04-Oct-14
Letchworth, 05-Oct-14
Liverpool, 14-Oct-14
Norwich, 16-Oct-14
N London, 17-Oct-14
Aberdeen, 30-Oct-14
Surrey, 30-Oct-14

Spring 2015

Milton Keynes, 22-Jan-15
Blackpool, 23-Feb-15
Manchester, 24-Feb-15
Leeds, 25-Feb-15
Hull, 26-Feb-15
Newcastle, 27-Feb-15
Nottingham, 11-Mar-15
Belfast, 19-Mar-15
Portadown, 19-Mar-15
Iver, Bucks, 24-Mar-15
Bromley, 27-Mar-15
Chelmsford, 28-Apr-15
Cambridge, 30-Apr-15
Ipswich, 05-May-15
Basingstoke, 14-May-15
Isle of Wight, 15-May-15
Portsmouth, 19-May-15
Southampton, 20-May-15

Autumn 2015

Peterhead, 05-Oct-15
Redruth, 06-Oct-15
Plymouth, 07-Oct-15
Barnstaple, 08-Oct-15
Northampton, 16-Oct-15
Bristol, 17-Oct-15
Chester, 22-Oct-15
Shetland Islands, 24-Oct-15
London (am & pm), 27-Oct-15
Belfast, 28-Oct-15
Edinburgh, 28-Oct-15
Aberdeen, 29-Oct-15
Jersey (am & pm), 03-Nov-15
Coventry, 04-Nov-15
Kirkcaldy, Fife, 06-Nov-15
Lincoln, 13-Nov-15


Edinburgh, 01-Jun-16
West Lothian, 02-Jun-16
Bradford, 30-Jun-16
Liverpool, 12-July-16
London, 14-July-16
Wirral, 19-July-16
Colwyn Bay, 7-Oct-16
Isle Of Man, 11-Oct-16
Bridgwater/Somerset, 25-Oct-16
Glasgow, 25
West Lothian, 26-Oct-16
Edinburgh, 27-Oct-16
Shetland, 28-Oct-16
Barry Vale Of Glamorgan, 6-Nov-16
Blackpool, 14-Nov-16
Wolverhampton/West Midlands, 15-Nov-16
Nelson, Lancashire, 22-Nov-16
Cowley/Oxford/Oxfordshire, 22-Nov-16
Stoke, 23-Nov-16
Peterborough, 30-Nov-16
Monmouth, 2-Dec-16


Basingstoke, 17-Jan-2017
Hull, 18-Jan-2017
Poole, 31-Jan-2017
Builth Wells, 18-Feb-2017
Leicester, 21-Feb-2017
Camborne, 25-Apr-2017
Ipswich, 11-May-2017