War in Israel: Tough Questions With Answers From God’s Word

The war between Israel and Hamas has captured the world’s attention. Cissie Graham Lynch interviewed pastor and author Skip Heitzig on why we should care what’s unfolding overseas and how it impacts us as Christians.

Two days after the October 7 terrorist attacks on Israel, Cissie Graham Lynch sat down with Pastor Gary Hamrick to discuss the deadly surprise invasion.

That Fearless podcast episode attracted a large number of listeners grasping to understand what’s happening in that part of the world and how to respond, particularly from a Biblical worldview.

“Many people have reached out to me after last week’s episode, asking where they can get more information from a source that they can trust on this issue,” Lynch said.

Monday, she spoke with Skip Heitzig, senior pastor of Calvary Chapel in Albuquerque, New Mexico, who has been addressing the significance of this war with his church.

“People have been butchered, babies have been beheaded, people have been burned, Holocaust survivors have been tortured—just that alone merits mention and prayer,” he said. “If you bring into it the Biblical significance, then it’s huge.”

In a follow-up podcast episode on the topic of Israel, Heitzig addresses God’s promises to this nation dating back to Genesis, helping listeners understand the backstory of the conflict and what could happen from here.

“When it comes to Israel, there’s a significant promise in the Old Testament where God says … if the sun ceases to shine and the moon ceases to shine, only then will my covenant be broken,” Heitzig said, citing Jeremiah 31:35–37. “So it’s a way of saying, ‘My covenant with them is permanent, eternal, and not dependent on their faithfulness.’”

He also shares a few ways we can pray for those involved in the conflict across both Israel and Gaza.

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Lynch, a mother of three, said she gets emotional when reading the news of such barbaric attacks on civilians, including children.

“The world’s going to get darker and darker,” Heitzig said, but challenged listeners to see this as “a wake-up call” to get right with God and for believers to stand firm in their faith.

“God’s in control of the future. Let’s march into the future with confidence in a fearless manner, knowing we’re going to win in the end because He is going to win.”

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