Finding Christ at Christmas

Searching for Answers

This Christmas saw 3,900 people across the UK searching for answers, find salvation in Jesus Christ through our Internet Evangelism ministry.

In this, the 100th year of the ministry of Rev. Billy Graham, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association continues with the mission to “share the Good News of Jesus through all means necessary”. Internet Evangelism is just one way in which the organisation is reaching those searching for Jesus.

Lee Searle, Director of Ministry in the UK, shared about the Ministry.

“We know that, for many people, the internet is the ‘go-to’ for answers. 90% of UK households have internet access and this is continuing to rise. It’s the perfect platform for reaching the entire country”

Explaining how it works, Searle continued,

“Using adverts and ‘keywords’ in Google, we are able to make sure that people who are searching for answers find Jesus. Those browsing the web will see adverts for our PeaceWithGod site and thousands are clicking through”.

“The numbers of people indicating that they’ve made a decision for Christ is overwhelming”, “But even more amazing is what people are searching for. We get a real idea of the state of the nation”.

A nation in prayer

The statistics seen by The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in the UK show a remarkable trend towards a nation in prayer. Around 1500 of those who indicated a decision over the Christmas period, most were searching Google for Prayer.

‘Prayer for help’, ‘Prayer for forgiveness’ and ‘Sinners Prayer’ were the most popular searches.

Lee Searle was encouraged by this;

“We know that the Gospel is compelling, when presented with the Holy Spirit it convicts people of the state of their soul. These results show that many across the UK know that they need the forgiveness and Salvation that can only be found in Jesus”. “We can take heart in the knowledge that the Holy Spirit is convicting the people of the UK”.

The ministry has seen just under 80,000 indicated decisions in the UK, since its launch in August 2014 with over 11 Million decisions worldwide. Millions across the world can now receive the Gospel when it would otherwise be difficult for missionaries to reach them.

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is encouraging Christians to pray for those who found Salvation this Christmas.

“We offer everyone who finds Salvation the opportunity to enter a discipleship course at our discipleship site We’d encourage Christians across the UK to stand in prayer for our new Brothers and Sisters in Christ and to be encouraged to share the Gospel with their neighbours”. Searle said.

You can direct people you know who do not yet know Jesus, to our PeaceWithGod site and prayfully consider whow you can get involved with this ministry by visiting