The Lasting Impact of Billy Graham Crusades in the UK

Below are stories from four people who found Christ at a Billy Graham crusade in the UK.

Read about the life changing moment when they first gave their life to Christ after hearing Billy Graham preach the Gospel.

Jan: ‘Everyone needs Jesus Christ in their lives’

Jan Kaplan was eighteen-years-old when she found Christ at a Billy Graham crusade back in 1975.

“I’ve never looked back and the Lord and Heavenly Father has never let me down or left me,” she said.

Now at 63 years old, Jan has dedicated her life to serving the Lord and spreading the hope of Christ within her community. “I worked as a nurse, so I’ve spent a good deal of my time speaking to people and telling them how much everyone needs Jesus Christ in their lives,” Jan added.

Sue: God’s timing

Back in 1989, Sue was organising a trip to hear Billy Graham preach at Wembley Stadium during Mission England.

She invited her mother-in-law, who was not a Christian, to come along. “There’s nothing I would dislike more than to go to a stadium with thousands of other people,” her mother-in-law said.

Sue was disappointed that even at the age of 76, her mother-in-law would not have the opportunity to hear Billy Graham share the Gospel in person. As they were leaving, her mother-in-law suddenly changed her mind and decided to come along.

The weather was dreadful with thunder and lightning throughout the event which affected the audio at the stadium. But that didn’t stop the Holy Spirit working through the hearts of the thousands of people who came to hear the Gospel.

As Billy Graham invited people to come forward and declare Christ as their Saviour, Sue saw her mother-in-law run towards the front in lightning speed. That very night, she accepted Jesus Christ into her heart.

“She was relieved of her burdens that night, her life was changed,” Sue said. “It shows that it is never too late in life to hear the message of salvation, and we are very thankful for Billy Graham for his wonderful ministry.”

Paul: A lasting impact

Paul found Christ when he heard Billy Graham preach in Birmingham back in 1984. At the time, Paul and his wife were unemployed and looking for something to do, so when they saw a local church offering free lifts to the event, the couple decided to join.

That night, Paul was one of the many who came forward to surrender their life to Christ – and he hasn’t looked back ever since.

He now leads his own church as a pastor, and continues to serve the Lord by partnering with the Graham Tour. He even met with Franklin Graham during his visit to London earlier this year.

Until this day, Paul continues to be a faithful partner at BGEA. During one evening volunteering for a BGEA event, he said: “This is our time to give back to what BGEA has done for us.”

Nell: ‘My life was changed’

“I give thanks for the ministry of Billy Graham, because on the 6th June, 1961, I heard him preaching via a landline in Harrogate.  With the help of a faithful counsellor at the event, I became a Christian that night and my life was changed.

Although I was really just an ordinary 21 year old, nevertheless my outlook was changed and I found the answer to many questions like: Where do we come from? What is the purpose of life? I found these answers by reading the Bible daily and praying. The verse which changed me, was John 3:16.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16)

I was told to put my own name in where it says ‘whosoever’ and  immediately it was as if a light was switched on and I knew that Jesus died for me.

I praise God for His love for me and for the faithfulness of Billy Graham in preaching the gospel and, of course, thanks for his faithful wife Ruth Bell Graham.” – Nell Gray

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