Teenagers worth dying for

Young people at John Heron's group. Brad and Wes are on the left
Young people studying Scripture at John Heron’s group. Brad is on the left, with Wes next to him.
One of the great joys in evangelism is when you hear of young people leading their friends to faith. They become like the apostle Andrew, who told his brother: “We have found the Messiah.” (John 1:41)

That is what happened recently at Kirkby Stephen Evangelical Church in Cumbria, where John Heron put on a course for young people called ‘Winning Souls the Bible Way’. He encouraged the young people not to miss out on the wonder of leading a friend to Christ.

John’s challenge impacted one eighteen-year-old called Wes, who had only been baptised a year before. At the next session he turned up saying he had led a friend to the Lord who came from an unchurched background. The friend’s name was Brad.

A few weeks later Brad attended the group. John was showing the film “The Worth of a Soul” in which Franklin Graham weaves a Gospel message around three moving testimonies.

This message and stories struck Brad so powerfully that he witnessed to his friends and saw one come to the Lord. Brad continues to attend church and to come to the group regularly.

Please continue to pray that these films will bring many young people to faith; you can order a free DVD copy of ‘The Worth of a Soul’ for your church here.