To seek and save what was lost

Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost, which means that His servants sometimes have to knock on doors.

John Heron, an elder from Kirkby Stephen Evangelical Church in Cumbria, was going around his local market town doing just that. As he went he was offering DVD copies of the short film Second Chance.

He arrived at one house which was occupied by a 25-year-old and his girlfriend. The young man, whom he had not met before, accepted a copy of the film and said he would watch it.

John called again but the young man told him he had not got around to watching it. John asked if he was busy at that moment and, when the answer was no, suggested that they sit down then and there and watch it together.

By the end of the viewing the young man was visibly moved. However, he told John: “If I said I was willing to respond to the prayer at the end of the DVD, I’d be lying to you. I’m just not feeling at the point where I could make a decision like that.”

John Heron 1John reflected that this response was fine. “If you try to open a closed door you’ll damage it,” he comments. “But if it opens it’s your responsibility to walk in.”

A week later this particular door opened. John received a text from the young man saying: “I’d like you to pray with me.”

Because of his work, the young man was often not at home. But after another week had gone by, John happened to see his light on and knocked again.

John asked if he was still quite serious, and the young man said ‘yes’. John explained the Gospel to him and all the reasons why he might not want to make a commitment. He told him he would need to confess his sins, turn away from them and turn to the Lord.

John then gave him a booklet with a prayer, and invited him to pray it from his heart. After he finished praying, the young man said to John: “I’ve got this warm feeling coming up my legs into my chest.”

“That’s the Holy Spirit,” said John.

The elder has been to see him since and found that God has been speaking to him. He’s been saying things like: “I need to stop drinking alcohol” and “I shouldn’t be living with my girlfriend.” When asked him who told him this he said: “the Bible”.

John continues to pray, as the changes happen. Recently he heard that the young man had invited his girlfriend to church.

We keep hearing stories about the impact of Second Chance. If you would like to order copies for your own community, you can do so here.