Running to God in Kraków

Woman praying at the God Loves You Tour in Krakow, Poland
After hearing how to have a personal relationship with God, more than 700 people surrendered their hearts to Jesus Christ at the God Loves You Tour (Bóg Ci? Kocha Tour) in Poland. More than 5,000 others watched around the world online.

Seventeen-year-old Anna* stood among hundreds of people near the front stage of the TAURON Arena Kraków.

Two years ago, Anna had fled with her family to Warsaw from Ukraine after the war began with Russia.

“In Poland, there are many people who have run from other places to come here,” said Franklin Graham during his Gospel message that touched Anna’s heart.

By the end of the night, she had responded to Franklin Graham’s invitation to receive Jesus Christ in repentance and faith into her life at the God Loves You Tour (Bóg Ci? Kocha).

“She didn’t want to share with me,” said prayer volunteer Monika. But the middle school teacher realized Anna must have experienced so much trauma in her young life.

Monika felt God give her the words specifically for Anna.

“I prayed for God to heal her emotions, her spirit, body, and soul,” she said.

‘We Thank God’

Franklin Graham preached from Luke 15, about the prodigal son running from his father, only to return later and ask for forgiveness. His father was overjoyed and immediately forgave his son, just as God does for those who come to Him.

“He will come into your heart and life if you invite Him,” he told the packed arena, “but you have to confess your sins, repent, and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Altogether, more than 13,000 people heard the Good News of Jesus Christ—with many arriving on nearly 200 chartered buses from all over Poland.

“Jesus is not dead, he’s alive,” Franklin Graham said, as his message was translated into Polish, Ukrainian, and sign language.

Thousands in the packed TAURON Arena Kraków listened intently as he expressed his gratitude.

“We thank God for the heritage of Poland,” Franklin Graham said. “We thank you for how you have stood for Biblical values here in Europe.”

Franklin smiles whilst preaching at the Festival.
Franklin Graham (right), standing next to his interpreter, smiles as he witnesses a move of God in Poland.

‘I Feel Free’

At the end of the night, Nyasha* soaked up a heartfelt embrace from Agnieszka, a prayer volunteer.

Nyasha, a college student, had seen some ads for the event, and a friend encouraged her to go. She had only moved to Kraków from Zimbabwe last November and only knew a few people well.

The 25-year-old worked up the courage to come by herself to the arena. As she listened to Franklin Graham share the Gospel, Nyasha felt a nudge from the Holy Spirit.

When the evangelist invited people to ask Jesus Christ for forgiveness and make His home in their heart, she knew she wanted this.

“I feel light, I feel free,” she said afterward. “I need Jesus in my life.”

Agnieszka gave Nyasha a Bible and invited her to church where they plan to meet on Sunday.

Michael W. Smith and Taya lead worship.
Michael W. Smith and Taya lead the crowd in worship with lyrics in English and Polish.

‘Fill the Churches’

Newlyweds Patryk and Monika Antoniuk lead the youth group at Church for the City of Krakow.

And though their work in coordinating volunteers for the God Loves You Tour is now over, “it’s just the starting point,” Monika said.

“We pray for God to fill the churches,” she said. “We want young people to stay in the church, for God to protect their hearts—that they’ll continue their journey with God.

“Now we have to take care of them and make disciples,” Patrick added.

“We want to see God’s glory revealed in a mighty way in Poland—a revelation of God,” he said, “to see new churches, changed lives, families reunited, and the brokenhearted become new.”

>Watch the replay of the God Loves You Tour in Kraków. Please pray for all the new believers in Poland to find a church home and grow in their faith.

Crowds showed up to attend the Festival.
“Some people see Poland’s Christians as such a small group,” said Pastor Marcin Bochener. “It’s nice to see the venue filled with thousands of people—that we are connected together, that we are not some small group, that we are a part of something bigger.”
*Names changed to protect privacy


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