‘I had no love from my parents – only hate’

Last month a woman called Maria connected our internet evangelism ministry through our website www.PeaceWithGod.org.uk. She was lost and fearful, grieving over broken relationships and wounded by a childhood of abuse.

“I have two demons in my home,” was the first message which Maria sent. “Can I ask you to help me pray for protection please?”

Our E-Responder Julia picked up the call for help and responded sensitively, encouraging Maria to know Jesus as the first step to peace in her home. Julia also harnessed the power of prayer, calling on God to protect Maria.

This desperate woman was approaching her lowest point. Within three days she wrote again to Julia, describing the crisis which finally pushed her to turn to God:

“The day after writing to you for help my youngest daughter told me I had no family with her and my grandchildren because I said ‘no’ to looking after more babies. …That night, watching a pastor on TBN, I turned myself over to Jesus and I was saved and born again.”

Julia wrote back – with joy over Maria’s new-found relationship with Jesus, and compassion for the painful relationship which she had with her daughter and grandchildren. She encouraged Maria to find a local church where her faith could grow, and prayed that light would shine in every dark place of her home.

“It means so much to know I’m not alone,” replied Maria. “I’m going to check out a church tomorrow. I’ve got myself a Bible too.”

The encounter with our internet evangelism ministry was a turning point for Maria. As Julia continued to pray, she watched the restoration of a life.

“The church is huge,” ran the next message from Maria. “I got two people to praying for me…I’m learning to accept that God loves me as my father. I never had love as a child.”

Julia assured her that the love of God the Father was so much greater than we could imagine.

“You are spot on,” wrote Maria. “I had no love from my parents – only hate. So learning to understand God’s love for me as my true Father is truly a revelation and a blessing…You have helped me enormously. I’m breaking down walls I’ve built inside me. My house now is peaceful. I’m just beginning to learn what a parent’s love means for me, as I was brought up in a very abusive family. I’m so grateful to Jesus, to you and to church.”

Here is one more life transferred from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of the beloved Son. In just three weeks, with counsel and prayer from our E-Responder, God turned her life around.

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Names have been changed to protect privacy.