Dear Friend,

In an unprecedented year when much of the world has been quarantined, you are reaching many lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Every hour of the day, searching hearts visit the Search for Jesus sites of BGEA’s internet ministry. Thank you for your support of this vital outreach.

During the days of the Iron Curtain, my father and his team searched for ways to take the Good News into countries considered closed to Christianity. Through an incredible amount of prayer, provision, providence, and planning, eventually a crack broke through and my father was able to speak in several once-unreachable nations. When he did, he found an immense thirst for the hope that Jesus offers.

Fast forward to today, and you’ll find similarities. While the circumstances may be different, the same holds true today as several countries in the Middle East are closed to the spread of the message of Jesus Christ. But thankfully, the Lord’s Word knows no bounds!

God is working mightily in the Middle East to call the lost unto repentance and salvation. People are hungry for the eternal promises of Jesus, and you are an essential part of sharing God’s truth with them.

The internet is making it possible for the Gospel to infiltrate hardto-reach places, and your prayers and gifts help thousands all over the world to hear the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

May God bless you,

Franklin Graham | President



“Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples!” —Psalm 96:3, ESV

“My life is always so depressing and I am lost” 

Adib* is a 20-year-old Middle Eastern male who reached out to one of our volunteers on our Facebook page. He said, “My life is always so depressing and I am lost.” Adib explained he can’t hold a job, his personal life is “complicated,” and he doesn’t like to talk to anyone. He shared, “I know there isn’t a solution for my life.” The volunteer asked Adib if he had ever heard of Jesus Christ, and he replied, “Would you mind telling me more about Him?” Using Scripture, the Arabic-language volunteer took the opportunity to tell Adib about the true peace and lasting joy that can be found in Christ alone. When asked if he wanted to accept Jesus Christ as his Saviour and Lord, Adib said, “I know now that God sent His only Son, Jesus, to die on the cross to pay for my sins, and everyone who believes that will gain eternal life in Heaven with Him.” He then prayed to surrender his life to the Lord. Adib kept asking questions and said, “Please tell me more about Christ and how I can learn more about Him, and I will keep pursuing Him for the rest of my life.”

“Please tell me more about Christ and how I can learn more about Him.”

“I have found the one true Way”

Mahir* came to our Salam Maa Allah Facebook page, asking questions about Christianity. Rashid,* a believer with a Muslim background and one of our trained volunteers, was ready to answer every question with a Bible verse, and Mahir was thirsty to find the truth and the true God. But, he was not ready yet to accept Jesus Christ as his Saviour and wanted to search and learn more. Several months later, Mahir came back, wanting to talk and ready to accept Christ: “I have found the one true Way, and now I am truly ready to open up my heart only to Him.” Rashid pointed Mahir to the online discipleship course. We praise God for seeking and saving this lost soul.

“I do not need you to tell me about your Christ.”

Katya,* a 30-year-old from the Middle East, reached out to Salam Maa Allah because she wanted to talk to someone: “I am lonely and depressed. I do not have a mother nor a sister. I am not married. I have one brother but he wants nothing to do with me.” Our trained volunteer listened intently for a long time, and then asked if she knew anything about Christ. Not only was she not familiar with Jesus, she immediately responded, “I came to talk to you because I am depressed and lonely. I do not need you to tell me about your Christ.” The volunteer continued looking for ways to bring the Gospel into the conversation. Katya’s heart began to soften to the Good News, and she even asked questions about the Bible and Christianity during their ongoing chat. Their conversation lasted for several days before Katya expressed a desire to read God’s Word herself. The volunteer provided an online link to access a copy, and Katya began reading daily. After a week, Katya came back and said, “My life is completely changed, I have changed, I love life and now I love reading the Bible.” She then indicated her desire to repent of her sins and surrender her life to Jesus Christ. We praise God for His life-changing power!

In their own words

We love hearing from people touched by our Arabic-speaking internet evangelism ministry.

“I know God is the Creator, but I do not think I have a relationship with Him. Can you help me with that?” —Lamya*

“Please keep telling me more about Him.” —Hamida*

“I have a question, but please don’t laugh at me. Is Jesus Christ God?” —Jana*

“Ever since I was a kid, all I knew was not to listen to what you guys say about Christianity and that it was all wrong. But now for the first time ever, I get to understand the truth and decide to believe it or not.” —Melek*

“I am a Muslim girl, how can Jesus love me?”

Zahra,* a young girl from the Middle East, responded to one of our Salam Maa Allah ads and began conversing with a volunteer. She shared, “I am deeply sad and depressed. I have lost my mum recently and I feel lonely all the time without her and my life is just completely meaningless.” The volunteer explained she is not alone and there is an ever-present God who understands her pain. They talked about Christ, but she was not receptive at that moment to follow Him. A few weeks later, Zahra responded to another ad and Yara*—another volunteer—started sharing the Gospel with her. At that point, though she had doubts, Zahra felt like she needed to know more about Christ, who He really is, and how He understands her pain: “But I am a Muslim girl, how can Jesus love me?” Zahra was shocked to learn that God loves her and she was ready to accept Him in her life as her personal Saviour. Yara and Zahra prayed together and Yara provided Zahra with a link to access the Bible online and the online discipleship training.

Searching for Answers in the Middle East

Beirut was recently shaken by a deadly explosion that rocked all of Lebanon. “There is shock and devastation everywhere,” one Beirut pastor said. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has ministered in Lebanon and throughout the Middle East for years, most recently through its online evangelism outreach in Arabic. As hurting people around the world search for answers online, we’re reaching them with the Good News of the Gospel—not only in Arabic, but English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Korean.

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