More Than 2,000 Brazilian Churches Unite to Spread Gospel

Churches gathered in the eastern seaside city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for a special launch event ahead of Franklin Graham’s upcoming EsperancaRio Festival on December 11-12.
This weekend’s event represented over 2,500 churches that are actively participating in EsperancaRio.
The event took place in 20-plus satellite locations to follow current COVID protocols.
Parts of the hybrid event were pre-taped, but a facilitator also interacted with the live audience at each satellite location.
Believers learned pertinent information for the “Journey of EsperancaRio,” the Gospel materials that trained members will share with those who make a decision to follow Christ. >Have you experienced the love of Christ? Know Him today.
They also enjoyed music from the top Christian artist in Brazil, Aline Barros.
Chris Swanson, vice president of BGEA’s Hispanic initiatives, and multiple evangelical leaders spoke and inspired participants to be engaged in an event that could transform hearts across their city.
Now that this evangelistic effort has been launched, the next goal is for 100,000 believers to attend the Christian Life and Witness Course (CLWC) in June. This class trains believers how to share the Gospel with their non-Christian friends—and encourages them to build more relationships ahead of Franklin Graham’s visit.
Please pray for all the churches participating in the upcoming Festival in Rio de Janeiro, and ask God to give believers boldness to share their faith and invite people to the Gospel event in December.