London Evangelism Summit: Uniting For The Gospel

In London, around 700 church leaders and pastors gathered for the last of the four-city Evangelism Summits hosted by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.
His Eminent Archbishop Angaelo delivered a message that focused on the unity of Christians as one body in Christ regardless of differences. “Evangelism means being a proclaimer of good news. Not just any good news, the only good news of Christ,” Archbishop Angaelo said. “Evangelism is a privilege and a responsibility. Our churches must be a ship that takes us to our destiny within Jesus Christ.”
“Hope is needed more than ever in conflict, challenges and in crisis. That hope can only be found in Jesus Christ.” – Archbishop Angaelo
Lou and Nathan Fellingham led worship. The room erupted with praises and exaltation for our Lord Jesus Christ.
There was one underlining message throughout the day: We must unite for the sake of His name.
Pastor Skip Heitzig was one of a lineup of speakers during the Evangelism Summit in London. “I’d love to see England become a place where the Gospel flows freely, where the impact is not just known here but known internationally,” Heitzig said.
Photo above: Speaker Dr. Don Wilton, Billy Graham’s pastor, shared about sitting under the evangelist’s teaching for 25 years. His message focused on Galatians 6:14, a verse that strategically sat in multiple places around Billy Graham’s home. “There’s so much discouragement in our world today. And the people gathering from all over the region are being encouraged through … a fresh understanding that God hasn’t left us, that the Lord Jesus Christ loves us just the same. And the best is yet to be because of it,” Dr. Wilton said.
Viktor Hamm, Vice President of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, excitedly announced the upcoming God Loves You tour.
Franklin Graham will join Christians in the United Kingdom to share the hope of Jesus Christ for the God Loves You tour. “I want to call God’s people to prayer and share the hope found only in Jesus Christ” —Franklin Graham
As they day came to a conclusion, summit attendees signed a banner to declare their commitment to evangelism and contending for the Gospel for the sake of Jesus Christ and the Cross.