‘It could so easily have been me.’

In the wake of last Wednesday's terror attack, members of the public lay flowers in Parliament Square
In the wake of last Wednesday’s terror attack, members of the public lay flowers in Parliament Square for those who died
Sometimes when you have been through a trauma, it helps just to spend time with someone who can share the calm which comes from faith in Jesus.

Jon is a young man who works just a couple of minutes away from Parliament Square and often walks home over Westminster Bridge.

Last Wednesday he decided to take the bus instead, and he was on the bridge when all the trouble started. He was very upset, and on the next day he walked to Parliament Square and left flowers in memory of those who had been killed.

As he was laying his bouquet a Billy Graham Rapid Response chaplain come alongside him, and they fell into conversation.

“It could so easily have been me,” said Jon. “I’m surprised how disorientated I am feeling.”

Jon shared that he was a Christian, and as the chaplain continued to listen he went on: “There’s a real grief for the families of those who have died. The shock of it for them is unimaginable.”

They prayed together, and the chaplain asked that God would fill the young man with peace. Jon felt very supported and uplifted. He asked for contact details so that he could stay in touch.

As this Rapid Response deployment comes to an end, please continue to pray for the bereaved families and the many like Jon who will still be processing trauma over the coming weeks.

If you would like to consider serving on the Rapid Response Team, please prayerfully study this page.

Name has been changed to protect privacy.