Gallery: Welsh Believers Gather for the Defence of the Gospel

The Evangelism Summit in Newport, near Cardiff, Wales drew around 400 church leaders and pastors from Wales and the South West of England.
Summit attendees were greeted by cheery volunteers joyfully serving with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA).
From volunteers to attendees, despite coming from different churches and backgrounds; believers came together for one reason only: “the unashamed proclamation of the Cross for the sake of the Gospel,” as David Bruce, executive assistant of Billy Graham put it.
Prayer is an essential part of BGEA’s ministry. The one-day summits always began with prayer and worship.
Speakers from across the globe delivered challenging yet encouraging messages on the topic of Christian evangelism. Attendees listened eagerly.
All throughout the day, artists Lou and Nathan Fellingham led worship. “It has been so good to hear the sound of many voices praising the name of Jesus,” Lou said.
Summit speaker Dr Stephen McQuoid spoke about the centrality of the Cross, emphasising the importance of standing up for the Word of God in a world that longs to reject Christianity. He stressed on the point that as Christians, the only truth that we can ever hold on to with full confidence is the Word of God – therefore we should share the Gospel in volumes and without fear. Pointing to Galatians 6:14: “May I never boast, except in the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ.”
“As you go back to your churches this weekend, be the example. Don’t just talk about evangelism, do it,” Dr McQuoid said. “Be genuine. Don’t worry about what to say, just talk about Jesus.”
Ministry leaders left the summit feeling inspired and uplifted. “The message has been very thought-provoking. It has definitely challenged me and my ideas of discipleship and how that ties in with evangelism,” one church leader said. “I’m very encouraged to be here. Let there be more,” another pastor said.

The last stop of the UK-wide Evangelism Summit will take place in London on November 15. Register your interest here.