Gallery: Church leaders Unite in Glasgow for Evangelism Summit

On Tuesday (October 12), over 300 church leaders gathered in Glasgow, Scotland for the Evangelism Summit hosted by the Billy Graham Evangelism Association (BGEA). Glasgow is the first stop of the free four-city events taking place across the United Kingdom from October 12-November 15. This is BGEA UK’s first ever in-person event since the pandemic.
Speakers from across the globe have travelled to deliver challenging talks on how UK churches can fulfil God’s Great Commission: to spread the Gospel of Christ far and wide.
Viktor Hamm, Vice President of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association share encouragement with pastors from Glasgow and other parts of northern England.
Attendees gave praise to God as artists Lou and Nathan Fellingham led worship. For many, this was the first time they’ve been able to worship in person since the beginning of the pandemic where churches were forced to shut. It was evident that each heart was desperate to worship with one another and to shout their praises to the Lord – the conference room was enveloped with praises and exaltation for the Saviour Jesus Christ.
Dr. Amy Orr-Ewing, one of the summit’s key speakers, gave a challenging message on how to proclaim the Gospel in a broken and traumatised world. At the young age of 8-years-old, Dr Orr-Ewing witnessed Billy Graham preach to thousands at Wembley Stadium in London, and now she delivered her own message to church leaders at Glasgow. She says that she often thinks of  her memories listening to Billy Graham at Wembley Stadium for encouragement and inspiration for her own ministry.
“Scotland, more than ever, needs the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is a radical call for people like you and me who can live above political movements that want to make us all the same and remove the Gospel focus. That’s why we need discipling churches. Do as Jesus did – disciples make disciples, so make disciples and spread the cross. It’s really that simple.” – Reverend Brian Moore
Acclaimed artist, Huw Priday sang moving songs about God’s love, faithfulness and the power of Christ’ hope.
In 1955, Billy Graham preached around Scotland for six weeks. His message at Glasgow’s Kelvin Hall focused on the meaning of the cross and was the second-highest-rated TV audience in history—second only to the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II two years earlier. Many church leaders reminisce attending at least one of Billy Graham’s events from the past, and note the lasting legacy of BGEA’s ministry in Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom.
At the conference, pastors and church leaders unite in prayer as they plead to God for a revival in their country. Many share their gratitude towards BGEA for organising such an uplifting event for leaders of churches. “We have to thank BGEA for what they’re doing for the United Kingdom, their work has been tremendous for the churches,” one pastor said. “Thank you for BGEA’s boldness – we couldn’t do it without them.”