Gallery: Chaplains offer comfort in London after terror attack

Chaplains from the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team (RRT) deployed to London after a fatal terror attack unfolded in London Bridge on 29 November, 2019.

The crisis-trained chaplains ministered to the local community of London Bridge — offering comfort, peace and prayer to those in need.

 Just hours after the attack, flowers and tributes for the victims appeared in London Bridge and surrounding areas.
Billy Graham RRT chaplains were also present at the vigil held at the local church. The vigil commemorated the victims of the terror attack and all those affected.
Chaplains were able to offer comfort to any passerby who may have been troubled by the incident.
Major roads around London Bridge were cordoned off by the police to ensure further protection for the public.
The terror attack happened in a predominantly office-based area where workers often travelled through. Chaplains were able to offer a simple conversation to anyone those who felt anxious and fearful after the attack.
The BGEA RRT chaplains had many opportunities to share a moment of prayer with the public, offering the hope of Christ through a time of trouble.
There was a high police presence in London Bridge and its surrounding areas. The chaplains were also able to minister to the local authorities who tirelessly worked to keep the community safe and at ease.
“Turn to love”. Despite the tragedy of the terror attack, the BGEA RRT chaplains were able to spread the love of Christ to those in need of it — especially during a time where it seemed that hate had won, chaplains were able to remind people that love will always prevail.
There’s a love that will always win, find the supernatural love of Christ today.