Finding Big Faith in the Lone Star State

“The people of Del Rio are hungry for something new, fresh, and authentic,” said one local pastor (not pictured). “I believe that the God Loves You Frontera Tour will be the impetus for a great move of God in our city.” On Thursday night, many hearts were moved by the Holy Spirit to begin a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Texas border town of Del Rio doesn’t usually host large events. Residents often have to drive two-and-a-half hours to San Antonio.

So when the God Loves You Frontera Tour stopped at Del Rio High Thursday night, many were excited and grateful.

Altogether, around 4,600 people came to hear some Good News—and that’s exactly what Franklin Graham delivered on the tour’s fifth stop.

The only way you can have true peace is to come into a right relationship with God and that’s through His Son, Jesus Christ,” said Franklin Graham.

After worship music led by Taya, Marcos Witt, and Dennis Agajanian; a clear Gospel message; and an invitation to receive Christ, volunteer Rosalinda Morales stood behind a mother and son as Franklin Graham led many in a prayer of salvation.

Morales noticed Maria* was very emotional as she embraced her teenage son. The volunteer introduced herself and discovered that her son Rafael*—who already knew Jesus—had invited Maria to the event.

“I need Jesus in my heart,” Maria told her.

“She hugged me three or four times and kept thanking Rafael for bringing her,” Morales said.

Next to Maria were four friends she had invited, who had also prayed to receive Jesus Christ.

“I didn’t know Jesus loved me so much,” one said.

Morales gave all five of them Bibles and encouraged them in their newfound faith.

Franklin Graham speaking to local law enforcement.
Before the event started, Franklin Graham thanked and encouraged local law enforcement who protect and serve the citizens of Del Rio.

An Answer to Prayer

John and Carol Kloeckner hadn’t originally planned to volunteer for the Frontera tour, but God had other plans for the retired couple.

At home in Colorado, they saw news reports about how the border crisis was impacting so many people. Shortly after, John went on his daily prayer walk and asked God, “How can we help?”

Returning home, he checked his email and saw something from BGEA about the Frontera Tour.

John thought this was God’s answer and asked Carol to pray about it. A couple days later, they booked airline tickets, excited to volunteer at the seven Texas tour stops—from Brownsville to El Paso.

“We have a heart for the lost; we have a heart for God,” he said. “Time is short and the Kingdom and eternity is most important in the big picture.”

>>Will you pray for the God Loves You Frontera Tour, that the Holy Spirit will continue to open hearts to the Gospel? 

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