‘She broke down and asked Jesus to save her’

A ‘party girl’ from Northern Ireland helped to lead a friend to Christ soon after finding faith herself.

Naomi had been enjoying a wild, heavy-drinking lifestyle, but a frightening experience pulled her up short. She started asking questions and came across our website PeaceWithGod.org.uk

As she worked through the Steps to Peace with God she found what her heart had been seeking. She prayed the prayer for salvation at the end, and left an email address so that someone could be in touch.

Our E-Responder Melissa quickly made contact, celebrated Naomi’s decision to follow Christ and encouraged her to register for our online Bible Course, Know Jesus, which Naomi did.

“Ah, Melissa, I’m so glad to be linked to you,” wrote Naomi. “I’m looking forward to seeing what I can learn and how I can live as a faithful Christian.”

With Melissa’s encouragement, Naomi worked through the online course to give her foundations in her faith. In just a few weeks she had finished.

“It wasn’t as hard as I thought it might be,” she wrote.

By now Melissa had become a true friend, and Naomi was updating her regularly on her life.

“I’m heading out tomorrow night with a few of my best friends,” she wrote one day. “Usually I’m the party girl – two bottles of wine and up on the table singing. So I’m a bit worried how the girls will view the change.”

“Don’t worry what your friends will think of you,” wrote Melissa. “Now you are filled with the Holy Spirit you will be different. Enjoy your night out.”

Enjoy she did.

“Most of my friends were happy for me when I explained I was trying to live a better way for God,” reported Naomi the following day. “But one of the girls, Samantha was cross. She said things like – ‘I hope you’re not going to be one of those holier-than-thou Christians.’ She questioned my faith in a God who saves murderers and other wicked people…and she actually laughed at me.

“I just told her I didn’t want to discuss it with drink involved. Later in the night she pulled me aside and put her arms around me and told me she was sorry for being rude to me, and that she was just worried that I wouldn’t need her in my life anymore.

“She actually said she wanted me to pray for her.”

“The way you responded was awesome,” replied Melissa. “I am so proud of you, Naomi. God has a plan and a purpose for us all, so keep sharing the way you are.”

Our team always encourages new Christians to find a local church. Naomi described her first experience of a Christian community as ‘awesome’.

“I could feel the Holy Spirit in the room and I felt uplifted,” she wrote. “I thanked God for loving me and asked for His help and guidance. It’s amazing how happy I felt when I left.”

There was much more to come. The following Sunday she wrote:

“What a service this morning! One of my friends, Alice, came with me. She cried and broke down and asked Jesus to save her. I was deffo not expecting that. Praise you, Lord!

“I told her to sign up to Going Farther, as she wants to know how to understand to Bible and to pray. I tried my best to answer her questions. I had prayed my heart out He would touch her, and He listened.”

Forty thousand people have told us that they made a decision for Christ through our internet evangelism in the UK.

Thank you to all who have prayed for us and supported us as we seek to extend this ministry, which is bearing so much fruit.

Our website https://searchforjesus.org.uk explains how your church can be part of this ministry.

Names have been changed