Billy Graham Has Finished Well – A Tribute

This week has brought many beautiful and sweet tributes to honor the life and legacy of Billy Graham. One of the most heart-warming comes from one of his great grandchildren, 12 year-old Quinn Graham.

Billy Graham Has Finished Well: By Quinn Graham

It’s an old picture of Daddy Bill

He is preaching to hundreds, maybe even thousands of people.

With his eyes looking straight at you,

And his Bible in his left hand.

He is pointing to you with his right hand

And preaching the Word of God to you.

This black and white picture

Shows Daddy Bill doing what he loved to do

What God called him to do:

Preaching the Truth of Jesus Christ.

We have lost a loved one,

Loved by millions

Because he loved millions –

Billy Graham.

He has done an inspiring job of preaching God’s Word.

He never took a break from God’s Word,

He never gave up on trying to reach people across the world.

He went everywhere to preach the Word of God . . .

If there was one person across the world who didn’t know the Word of God

Billy Graham would do anything to get him saved,

Because one person saved could mean that his whole family gets saved.

No matter what happened to Billy Graham

He would never give up on God’s purpose for him;

He has preached in person to over 200 million people.

That means 1/30th of the whole world has heard him . . .

Today we dedicate this day to Daddy Bill,

For he is now with his Lord and Savior,

For he has finished well . . .