BGEA’s UK Internet Evangelism Ministry Reaches Over 100,000 People in the Past Year

The past year has seen tremendous growth in the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s (BGEA) internet evangelism ministry with more and more people searching for answers about God online.

Thousands of people across the globe are desperate for to find hope.

Every day, people are finding the hope of Christ through the BGEA’s Search for Jesus ministry. Just last year alone, had over 100,000 visitors – with more than 15,000 people indicating they made a decision for Christ.

Here are three stories of people who found Christ through BGEA’s internet evangelism ministry:

Searching for truth

Something was stirring in *Amir’s heart one day. He had a lot of questions, and he was searching for an answer.

Amir was brought up as a Muslim. But now an adult, he wants to know the truth about God himself. Particularly, he wants to know about Jesus Christ. He was afraid that his family would disown him for researching religions outside of Islam, so he visited BGEA’s internet evangelism website,

Full of questions, Amir was shortly connected with one of our trained volunteers.

“Which religion is true? Please explain more about Christianity to me,” Amir asked.

The chat volunteer shared the truth of the Gospel to Amir, explaining Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and God’s unimaginable love for us. The volunteer also shared verses from the Bible to Amir, urging him to read it himself.

The pair exchanged multiple messages discussing Christianity and the Bible. Not long after, Amir said: “I feel ready to start my journey [with Christ].”

“My thoughts are that Christianity is the way, and my heart feels the same,” Amir typed.

For the first time in his life, Amir prayed to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord.

The chat volunteer then pointed Amir to BGEA’s free discipleship course to help him on his new journey with Christ.

“I am destroying my life”

Will* was desperate to turn his life around. He’d been suffering from health condition as a result of a 20-year long drug addiction which began in his teens.

Now in his mid-thirties, Will was desperate to turn his life around.

On his last cry for help, he logged onto BGEA’s internet evangelism website, where he was connected with one of our trained volunteers.

“I am looking to change my life and repent my sins. I’m looking for help from God to rid me of addiction,” Will typed. “I am destroying my life.”

The chat volunteer reassured Will that God hears all those who cry out to Him, and that God wants to set him free of his addiction – but first, we must turn our hearts to Jesus Christ our Saviour.

“God loves you and wants to help you overcome the addictions in your life,” the volunteer said. “This is the very reason that God sent His Son Jesus Christ to the earth, to die for our sins and was raised from death on the third day, so that our sins can be forgiven and to us set free.”

After hearing about the Gospel, Will prayed to commit his life to Christ. “I have prayed with an open heart, and I accept God’s forgiveness and love with open arms,” Will said.

The chat volunteer shared BGEA’s free discipleship course with Will to help deepen his new found relationship with Christ.

Walking back to Christ

Years ago, Alma* converted to Islam after getting into a relationship with a Muslim man. Now in her 40s, Alma suffers from depression and anxiety and also unable to leave the house due to a medical condition.

Alma is ready to turn her life around, and she wants to start with her faith. She found BGEA’s internet evangelism site, where she connected with one of our volunteers.

“I want to become Christian again. I want to give my life back to Jesus,” Alma typed.

She explained that she wants to know more about Jesus and even bought a Bible for herself, but due to being housebound she is unable to join a church or meet with fellow Christians.

“I believe Jesus did lead you here to bring you closer to Him” the volunteer said, encouraging Alma in her desire to know God.

The volunteer then shared the Gospel with Alma alongside verses from the Bible.

After praying the sinner’s prayer, Alma asked Jesus Christ into her life and proclaimed him as her Lord and Saviour.

Since Alma is unable to join a church at present, the volunteer shared our online discipleship course to help Alma grow her new found faith with Christ.

We praise God for His faithfulness in continuing to use this ministry to bring lost hearts back to Christ.


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