What is the Holy Spirit?


What is the Holy Spirit? Is it the good feelings we sometimes get inside of us when we think God is near us, or what?


The Holy Spirit certainly may help us sense God’s presence with us — but we must never confuse those emotions with the Holy Spirit. Emotions come and go, but God never does, and if we know Christ, His Spirit is present within us at all times — even if we’re not aware of Him.

Who is the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is God Himself as He is at work in the world — and in our lives. Just as Jesus — who was God in human flesh — once walked among the people of His day, so the Holy Spirit — who is God — now lives among us. We are not alone — because God is with us by His Holy Spirit! Jesus’ promise has been fulfilled: “I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Counselor to be with you forever — the Spirit of truth” (John 14:16-17).

Apart from the Spirit, we will never come to God — because He convicts us of our sins and convinces us of the truth of the Gospel. Apart from the Holy Spirit, we cannot overcome temptation and live the way God wants us to live. Apart from the Holy Spirit, we will never become more like Jesus — which is God’s goal for us. And apart from the Holy Spirit, we will never understand the truth of God’s Word, the Bible, and how it applies to our lives.

Ask God to help you turn from everything that does not honor Him, and with the help of the Holy Spirit to become more like Christ every day. Remember: “The Spirit helps us in our weakness” (Romans 8:26).